About Charlotte Square

We understand the trust placed in us when choosing to invest with Charlotte Square. You can rely on our team of experienced investment managers to create and manage the right investment strategy for you.

Every generation faces times of political and economic uncertainties. The one thing that all clients are seeking is peace of mind that their investment portfolio is being managed by a safe pair of hands.

We offer the kind of personal service, which can often be difficult to get from larger companies, that makes Charlotte Square stand out from the crowd.

Peace of mind in an age of change

Our investment style is based on the best investment traditions of capital preservation and absolute returns. We will not only adjust your portfolio to meet changing personal, family or business circumstances but also respond promptly to changes in the political and financial landscape that may have an impact on your investments, income or capital growth.

We believe we can best achieve this as active investment managers, which means meeting regularly with the funds and companies we invest in, picking up on nuances in direction or strategy changes and, ultimately, applying that knowledge to our professional judgement as to where value can best be found.

In doing so, we use the conviction we have in the future earnings and growth potential of the companies we look at. We combine institutional experience and rigour in investment research and analysis as part of a highly personalised investment management service for private and institutional clients, trusts, pension schemes, corporate funds and charities.

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