Building and preserving wealth can span a lifetime. In our experience clients need from us an investment strategy that is flexible enough for the longer term to offer the best returns in differing market conditions, and adaptable enough to cater for differing income and capital needs over the years.

Whether you are a private or institutional client, corporate entity, pension fund or charity, we believe the best way to achieve this is by listening to what you tell us – about your personal circumstances, attitude to risk and financial goals – and by monitoring and reporting to you on an ongoing basis.

Only then can we truly understand what is expected from us and how best to deliver a strategy most suited to meet those objectives.

Our philosophy is based on a long-term investment outlook, directed towards those investments which are likely to deliver real (i.e. greater than inflation) returns across the investment cycle. It is driven by our key values:-

Open Communication with you and your professional advisers – from the earliest stages in our relationship with you and continuing throughout the management of your portfolio. Which is why we provide you with regular reporting including a dealing notification as each trade occurs. It is important to us that you are given the reason behind the investment decisions we make and that you have ease of access directly to the investment manager who made them.

Active Investment Management style which allows us to construct portfolios to reflect the most appropriate risk return balance for the individual client, rather than simply following an index – which may not fully reflect the agreed characteristics of that particular portfolio. Our regular contact with the companies and funds we invest in provides the conviction that allows us to add tone or colour to the investment choices. This active approach also gives us the flexibility to anticipate and respond promptly to changes in financial markets, and adapt strategies suited to the market conditions.

Broad and Diversified portfolios which are managed by us across a broad range of asset classes, geographies, sectors, fund managers and individual securities. We understand that investments in a single asset class will not out-perform under all market conditions. This is why we adopt a diversified investment approach, as we believe that this is the best way to reduce risk and deliver returns. Our investment process is based on rigorous research for both asset allocation and investment selection.

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