We believe a key factor in creating peace of mind for our clients is to provide them with our personal attention and knowledge, supported by an efficient administration platform, easy access to view their portfolios and secure arrangements for their cash.

Our partnership with Raymond James Investment Services (Raymond James) has allowed us to do just that.

The Best of Both Worlds
It really is the best of both worlds for our clients, who can enjoy the financial protection and experience offered by a company the size of Raymond James, with the personalised care and investment expertise conducted from our Edinburgh office – which is the primary point of contact for all our clients and their Advisers. As a commercially independent branch of Raymond James, Charlotte Square has complete discretion to select investments and make choices on a purely unbiased basis based on its understanding of each client’s unique circumstances.

Raymond James
Raymond James services and supports entrepreneurial investment management practices like Charlotte Square, servicing high net worth investors as well as supporting the needs of professional intermediaries. They provide a top quality administration platform representing £12.3 bn* in client assets in the UK, and a regulatory umbrella which includes compliance supervision, FCA authorisation and professional indemnity cover. *(correct as at 30 September 2020).

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Custodian Services
Clients may also have the security of investor protection under the FSCS rules under an arrangement between Raymond James and Pershing Securities Limited (PSL) to act as a custodian for clients’ investments. Pershing Securities Ltd is part of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, one of the world’s strongest financial institutions.

Pershing Securities Limited is a member of the London Stock Exchange and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.