Multi Asset Investing

The Thesis Charlotte Square Allweather Fund is a FCA authorised multi asset fund, which offers a wider reach across international markets and investment opportunities, improved diversification and the potential for greater stability and improved performance.

We understand clients often seek to reduce the impact of the volatility inherent in financial markets, for greater certainty of positive returns independent of market cycles. We believe we can best meet these objectives by including a pooled investment vehicle such as The Thesis Charlotte Square Allweather Fund in the portfolio mix to add shape, direction and spread.

At the heart of The Thesis Charlotte Square Allweather Fund strategy will be an emphasis on positive return assets. We believe that this strategy and, in particular, our long experience and success with a range of alternative strategies, will enable us to target positive returns – even in bear market conditions.

Please see here for the Full Prospectus and full details of the Fund.

The unit price is published here daily on our website and on

The Thesis Charlotte Square Allweather Fund is subject to the United Kingdom tax regime. If you are a taxpayer, your investment will fall to be taxed within that framework, and you will be required to invest in Fund ‘net’ units. If you apply for Fund ‘gross’ units you will be obliged to give suitable evidence of your tax status that so entitles you to invest in ‘gross’ units.

If you are uncertain as to your tax status as an investor and uncertain as to the appropriate form of investment for you, please take professional advice to clarify your personal circumstances.

Thesis Unit Trust Management is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Thesis Charlotte Square Allweather Fund Unit Price:
‘A’ class Accumulation 145.3p

Application forms can be obtained by telephoning the Dealing Line on 0870 870 8434.

If you would like more information on this please contact

William Forsyth

Investment Manager & Branch Principal


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