All Weather Investing

Our All Weather portfolio seeks to protect the real value of investors’ capital and increase it over time. And so doing with lower volatility than of pure equity investing.

We understand clients often seek to reduce the impact of the volatility inherent in financial markets, for a greater chance of positive returns independent of market cycles. At the heart of our All Weather strategy is an emphasis on positive return assets, with the aim of delivering long-term real returns.

The All Weather concept was pioneered by Ray Dalio, of Bridgewater, in the 1990’s as a way of answering the question: What kind of investment portfolio would you hold that would perform well across all environments?

Our All Weather strategy has the Bridgewater thesis as a foundation – to segment market surprise into four parts, each related to either growth or inflation, and create a truly diverse portfolio to accommodate changes in each. From this simple base, we then make tactical adjustments to reflect different stages in the economic cycle. Our All Weather portfolio is then populated by a blend of passive and active funds, that are most suitable to provide the desired asset allocation exposures – delivered in a transparent, low cost and liquid manner.

We have a long-standing track-record in managing All Weather portfolios. We believe our time-tested style and robust process gives our clients comfort that their assets are in professional stewardship.

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