Income Uplift Portfolios

An enhanced income stream, comfortably ahead of rates available on cash deposits, is a high priority for many investors in a low interest environment.

The Charlotte Square Income Uplift service is designed to deliver this, and in a way that is lower risk and less volatile than investing purely for capital growth.

It is designed for those investors with a low to moderate attitude to risk, seeking dependable income, but who are equally as focused on security and value.

With many of us living longer and the cost of living rising, securing a more consistent income stream is the key to maintaining our standard of living and doing the things we enjoy. And, for many parents and grandparents these days, being able to help support the younger generations often increases income requirements.

The good news is that income can come from a range of sources. Our Income Uplift Portfolio service focusses on dependable income streams from a mix of tactical and defensive investments designed to protect against inflation and enhance the rate of return. To combat and make provision for rising income, up to 25% of the portfolio may be deployed in Equities.

Please refer to our latest brochure and quarterly review for more information.

If you would like more information on this please contact

William Forsyth

Investment Manager & Branch Principal


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