Your Tailored Portfolio

Whether you have built up a sum of monies through savings, pension or inheritance, or perhaps through the sale of a successful business, we always look for the optimum balance between the range of asset classes and individual investment selections – as the key to providing the greatest risk-adjusted returns.

We do this by selecting suitable investment options aligned with your specific personal circumstances, risk tolerance and needs.

Our primary objective is to build consistent portfolio performance based on the fundamental principles of capital preservation and absolute returns.

Capital Preservation

Our philosophy is based on a long term investment outlook, directed towards those investments which are likely to deliver real (i.e. greater than inflation) returns across the investment cycle.

Tax Exempt Investing

We look for tax efficient investments to maximise returns, including

  • Stocks & Shares ISAs have the great advantage of enabling savings to grow, free from Income or Capital Gains Tax
  • Pension funds investing with contribution enhancement over your working lifetime
  • AIM/IHT Strategies where investments in qualifying AIM stocks have favourable tax treatment including exemption from Stamp Duty

Bespoke Portfolios after favourable tax options have been utilised

Once ISA and Pension needs have been met and AIM/IHT allocations identified, investors often have meaningful sums available for more general investment in accordance with their own objectives and risk profiles.

Active Management

Charlotte Square will consider each client’s income requirements and capital security to create a diversified portfolio which will be actively managed. Charlotte Square believes that an active, rather than passive investment strategy, will not only optimise returns but also more closely reflect clients’ changing circumstances over different time periods.

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